Hello, my name is Nicole Lemke.

I'm blessed to be a mom to the most precious rainbow baby named Anderson.  I am also blessed to have the best husband in the entire world, Jeremy.  We live in a tiny home and have an aussiedoodle (standard poodle and Australian shepherd cross) named Gibbs.  Yes, we were binge-watching NCIS when we named him.

I own a small spa and specialize in nursing foot care, eyelash extensions, reiki, and relaxation massages.  Since becoming a mom, my entrepreneur-side has kicked in and I have begun spending my days writing between caring for our little monkey!   

I started this blog to share my story, hoping it'll make a difference in someone's life.  We had our miscarriage in August of 2017 and I cannot explain how much connecting with other women and families has made my experience so much 'easier'.    This is also a safe place for you to share your story...anonymously or not.  The therapeutic benefit that comes from being open about pregnancy and infant loss is astounding.  

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