Hello, I'm Nicole! 

Wife.  Mom to a rainbow named Anderson and an aussiedoodle named Gibbs.  Registered Nurse.  Entrepreneur.  Infertility and miscarriage survivor.

thankful & blessed

thankful & blessed

In an earlier post, I wrote about how last Thanksgiving was a rough one for me. You can read about that here. In short—I wasn’t pregnant. Looking back now, I had more to be thankful for than I thought I did at the time…I was just still so focused on the loss of our baby. It’s really hard to see the positives when you’re in such a negative headspace. Even if someone told me “you have '[insert something here] to be thankful for”, I probably wouldn’t have acknowledged it. I hadn’t really coped with anything yet surrounding our miscarriage and infertility journey. To me, if we didn’t have our own family then I didn’t really have much to be thankful for at all. Boy, was I wrong.

Being an only child, big family weekends still sometimes make me a little (a lot) anxious…but this year I am in a more positive mindset and have lots to be thankful for!

  1. We have our rainbow baby Anderson!

  2. We have amazing family and friends.

  3. We are healthy.

  4. Our breastfeeding journey is going so well.

  5. I am able to work for myself and have amazing clients.

  6. I am able to be an advocate for pregnancy and infant loss…I am so thankful to have had so many loss moms and dads reach out to me that my work has helped them.

  7. I was able to have a good education.

  8. Cool fall sweater weather (this one especially since I was 9 months pregnant in July!)

  9. Pumpkin spice…because I need to have one superficial thing on this list, right?

  10. I am following my dreams.

What are you thankful for this year? Tell me below!


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