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I Am 1 in 4—So Are They

I Am 1 in 4—So Are They

It’s often hard to visualize that celebrities experience everyday life just like us. My two favourite books—Amy Schumer’s The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo and Chrissy Metz’s This Is Me—really spotlight how it’s not always easy being famous. I can empathize with Amy Schumer’s messy hookups and struggles through having a family member with multiple sclerosis. I know Chrissy Metz’s weight struggles and self-esteem issues all too well. This being said, it’s hard to even imagine the celebrities we see everyday being part of the 1 in 4, just like me.

Here are my favourite humans to follow if you’ve ever struggled through miscarriage or infertility. I’ve included links to videos and articles that have really hit home with me and have helped me through my journey.


I’ve listened to this song hundreds of times…never knowing it was about P!NK’s own miscarriage. I’ve included the lyric version of the video so you can read along. I find these lyrics so powerful!

Melissa Rauch

Melissa is such a good writer and advocate for prenatal loss. Her article from Glamour magazine and the “I Had A Miscarriage” video can be found here. I remember watching this video during one of my acupuncture appointments post-miscarriage and crying in the dark room with needles all over my body (I was a bad patient and snuck my phone in because I couldn’t lay there for 30 minutes LOL).

Jimmy Fallon

I love him so, so much in this interview! Such a great message to stay positive and keep trying every avenue possible to get your family.

Jamie Otis

Reality TV fans, where you at? Jamie Otis was on Married At First Sight’s first season. Her and her husband Doug lost their first baby Johnathan. My favourite blog post of her’s is here. She is so real and raw and I love it.

Queen B

The Queen herself is even a part of the 1 in 4 women who go through this….and who doesn’t love a little Oprah interview?

Not real life, but I feel like I need to acknowledge This Is Us for their portrayal of miscarriage and fertility struggles. Chrissy Metz and Chris Sullivan were such good actors in these scenes…I could feel the heartache. I could feel the hurt as Kate told her friends they couldn’t have a baby in a breakdown at her 38th birthday brunch. That moment when she wonders if she lost her first baby because of her weight got me. I’m excited to see Kate and Toby’s IVF journey and REALLY, REALLY hope that Kate is the 10% (sorry if you haven’t seen the premiere of season 3 yet).

I hope these links bring you comfort like they did for me.


thankful & blessed

thankful & blessed

Big IS Beautiful

Big IS Beautiful