Hello, I'm Nicole! 

Wife.  Mom to a rainbow named Anderson and an aussiedoodle named Gibbs.  Registered Nurse.  Entrepreneur.  Infertility and miscarriage survivor.

The #1 Item I Brought to the Hospital

The #1 Item I Brought to the Hospital

I’m Type A. I have anxiety going places if I don’t have everything I think I may possibly need at my side. I started making my list of items to bring to the hospital quite early in my pregnancy...including my DSLR camera I hadn’t touched in over two years. I kid you not, I had an entire SUV worth of bags to bring to the hospital. 

I had packed:

  • My clothing bag

  • Jeremy’s clothing bag

  • A bag of adult diapers, pads, and assorted toiletries

  • Diaper bag (with about 100 things in it)

  • A duffel bag of snacks

  • 2 phone chargers

  • 2 water bottles

  • My own coffee

  • My snoogle

  • Pillows

  • Nursing pillow

  • Blankets

  • Towels

  • Multiple pairs of shoes

  • Makeup (yes, I actually used this)

  • Sleep sacks

  • Multiple baby blankets

  • A matching shirt and onesie for Jeremy and Anderson

  • A prepared labour playlist of my favourites—Eminem, 50 Cent, Garth Brooks, and Nelly


 Out of all the items I brought with us, the one thing I was truly thankful for was my syringes of frozen colostrum.

I had a feeling I was going to end up having a c-section from the start of my pregnancy—I usually have an intuition about things, and I’m usually right (unless you ask Jeremy lol!). I knew this meant I might be separated from my baby for up to a few hours and that my baby would likely get formula first. This is when the frozen colostrum came in handy.

I was fortunate enough to start leaking colostrum around 17 weeks. By 30 weeks it got to the point I could collect the drops of colostrum in oral syringes (usually about 0.2-1 ml/collection).

Of course I ended up having a c-section and staying in recovery for 2.5 hours. Anderson’s blood sugar levels were low when he was delivered (1.8). Luckily, I had these syringes on hand full of liquid gold! Jeremy was able to feed the baby my colostrum while doing skin to skin. His sugars boosted right back up to where they needed to be and we didn’t require formula!

I could be crazy, but I’m convinced we’ve had such good luck so far with breastfeeding because he got a taste for it from the start even though I couldn’t be there!


P.S. My mom and Jeremy had a conversation after the c-section and they were both quite happy they didn’t have to listen to that labour playlist after all…

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