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Wife.  Mom to a rainbow named Anderson and an aussiedoodle named Gibbs.  Registered Nurse.  Entrepreneur.  Infertility and miscarriage survivor.

4 Ways to Remember Your Angel Baby

4 Ways to Remember Your Angel Baby

The time after a miscarriage can feel so empty. Two weeks after it happens and everyone forgets. Everyone except you. The world moves on while you can hardly get yourself out of bed and do your hair for the day. You have to go back to work and try to get through a day without having a breakdown. It doesn’t seem fair, but the world won’t pause for you to grieve. Don’t fall into a trap of trying to forget about your miscarriage because everyone else finds it awkward.

In part, this is why I find writing so helpful. It helps keep some part of our baby alive. Here are my other tips for preserving the memories you have of your angel baby.

Talk about it.

I’ve been an open book about our experiences with infertility and miscarriage. It helps others, but it also helps me. Sharing your story can be unbelievably cathartic.

Get yourself a memento.

Long before I started this blog and shortly after our miscarriage, I ordered a stamped ring from Etsy. It has the date of our miscarriage stamped into the metal. I still wear it everyday.

Plant a tree or flowers (only if you have a green thumb)

This didn’t work for me. I killed my plant. If you a have a green thumb I think it would be a wonderful idea.

Donate to a charity

When I was 28 weeks pregnant with our rainbow baby, I participated in the Peterborough Butterfly Run. I fundraised over $200. I felt good knowing that money would be going toward creating local resources for mothers in my community experiencing infertility, pregnancy, and child loss. I felt such a sense of community knowing that everyone present at the event had gone through something just like me.

I hope you found an idea that will help you keep the memory of your angel baby alive. If you have any other tips, let me know in the comments below!

xo, Nicole

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