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The Mom Boss ‘Balance’

The Mom Boss ‘Balance’

The Mom Boss ‘Balance’: How PinkBlush Has Made My Life Easier

I often get asked: “What do you do in a day?” I don’t usually write about our day-to-day experiences because I think my readers tend to connect more with my past than my present. I know if you’re coming to this blog looking for help through a miscarriage, you don’t want to read about life with my rainbow baby.

Anderson has been hitting lots of milestones lately. He’s moving around on the floor like a champ and is getting really good at walking across the room holding our hands. He’s currently sitting up beside me playing with his toys as I write this. Where did my newborn go? Is it almost time for another? Keep on reading.

To say life with a baby and being a girl boss has been interesting would be a massive understatement. Somehow, my day-to-day routine involves managing five (YES FIVE) Instagram accounts, a lash business, a design business, and this blog. Don’t even get me started on the Pinterest account I’ve been trying, and neglecting, to run properly. I feel like I spend a lot of my day scrolling IG and distracted by my phone. I can balance mom life and boss life for the most part, but I really suck at making time for any kind of a social life.

Usually I have a few lash clients three to four days per week. Anderson proceeds to cry through my appointments and I end up embarrassed and apologetic. I do some running around. I cook dinner. We watch some TV and then we go to bed. On my days “off”, I stockpile content for social media and work on writing my book. I have been really slacking when it comes to doing my hair, make-up, and dressing like a presentable human being. So when PinkBlush messaged me to see if they could gift me this beautiful Mint Floral Printed Plus Maxi Dress, I said YES!


Being a plus size mama, I am so grateful that plus size clothing has stepped up its game in the past few years.  This dress is flattering and stretchy enough that I can breastfeed Anderson while wearing it.  I am a total sucker for any outfit that makes my life easier.  That’s why I love dresses so much.  They’re so versatile spring through fall and I don’t have to wear pants.  They’re comfy and flowy so on a bad day, I don’t have to worry about looking bloated.  Dresses make this lazy mama feel so much prettier and put together.  It helps with that unicorn existence of ‘balance’ that we’re all chasing.  Also, can we just talk about the fact that a good maxi dress covers up those legs I haven’t shaved in weeks?   

My favourite spring/summer tip for mama life: invest in a few pretty dresses that you can rotate through all summer.  You’ll be comfortable and look like you’ve got yourself together even when you don’t … and by the way, it’s totally OKAY that you don’t have yourself together.  I mean, does anyone have theirselves together? Not me, not I. 


 Beautiful plus size maternity clothes are SO hard to find, so I am overjoyed to have discovered PinkBlush for the next time we add a little craziness to our life.  There it is: we’re trying to get pregnant again ... or at least not stopping it from happening.  I’m a sucker for chaos.  My OB wanted me to conceive again with the year to avoid any possibility of going back on fertility meds again.  He seemed to think we may be able to conceive naturally this time.  Anderson is eight months old now and still not sleeping at night, so I may or may not actually be trying whole-heartedly.  I’m also nervous to even admit that we’re “trying” because I’m nervous of getting too attached to the possibility of baby number two at each cycle again.  If I’m not fully in it, then the pain doesn’t surface.  Once that year mark hits and we haven’t conceived yet, though, we’ll be labeled infertile again.  Once I start taking it seriously, I will definitely be keeping you posted more on our journey.  I have no clue how I will ever maintain the girl boss life with two, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.  BONUS: this dress is stretchy and long enough that when we get pregnant again, I’ll be able to wear it through my pregnancy.   

About that book I mentioned earlier: if anyone has any tips on self-publishing, email me or leave a comment below!



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